Lees Family Photography

Hello!! My name is Amie Lees. I'm a photographer out of Weare, NH. I specialize in portrait photography and newborn photography. I also love to volunteer my time by taking pictures for different events, charity events, or my kids local schools dances/school events. I truly enjoy those special moments when I can get a child to smile or capturing the unbreakable bond and love between a child and their parent. I always get soooo excited with every new job/session that comes up! I love to try to think of creative ideas or different poses and  scenery to make each session  special and unique to my clients. I love hearing the odd ball or unique ideas that clients suggest as well, because it makes it more meaningful to them. Time is not always a factor for me (unless it is during a mini session and we are crunched for time). I will take my time with children so they can feel comfortable with me so I can get the best photo possible for mom and dad. I can travel to any special place desired for a session. I enjoy working mostly with natural light outdoors. I do have a small studio within my home for child portraits, milestone portraits, cake smashes, newborn photoshoots, and headshots.

When I do not have a camera in hand...I enjoy spending time with my 2 handsome silly boys and my husband who is a hardworking foundry man. For years, I was an at home mom with my boys and did photography on the side here and there. Now that my boys are older and in school full time, I'm excited to take on more photography jobs and to follow my passion. Besides being a photographer, I'm a substitute teacher to help out our local schools when needed and I'm a distributor for Shaklee, a company that makes nutritional, beauty, and green home products that are safe for you and the environment.

Have some fun portrait sessions in mind? Send me a message! 

~Amie Lees~